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The Ford Fusion is a mid-size vehicle produced by Ford Motor Company. Manufactured since 2005, it took the place of the Mondeo in Latin America, the United States, and Canada, fitting neatly into Ford's lineup between the compact Ford Focus and the larger Ford Taurus. Internationally, Fusion's offerings varied, with certain regions like the Middle East and South Korea offering only a 2.5-liter engine model. The Fusion stood out for its environmental credentials, with the entire 2013 lineup named the Green Car of the Year, and it remains popular, with the 2019 model being the seventh best-selling vehicle in the United States. Developed on Ford's CD3 platform, the Fusion shares many design elements with Mazda, including Mazda's G platform and I4 engine. Standout features include Ford's "New Face" three-point grille and a range of technologies such as Sirius satellite radio, a DVD navigation system, and Ford's SYNC system. Notably, it outperformed competitors like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord in comparison tests evaluating styling, handling, and driving pleasure. The Fusion was available in multiple trims, with the base S model boasting a Duratec I4 engine, automatic transmission, and an AM/FM radio with CD player. The top-tier SE model offered additional features like hexagonal alloy wheels, a power-adjustable driver's seat, and a security system. In 2009, Fusion received some updates including a new 8-inch navigation screen, redesigned center console, and new ice-blue dashboard lighting.

Despite its superior quality, the Ford Fusion, like any vehicle, can face issues over time due to normal wear and tear of auto parts. One common problem Fusion drivers report is with the suspension system, manifested by loud clicking or clunking noises when driving over speed bumps, onto driveways, or during braking. Additionally, excessive vibrations, uneven tire wear, and loose steering during cornering indicate issues with the suspension system. Under such circumstances, an inspection of the trailing arm and axle shaft is advisable. Another issue involves a dip in engine performance with reduced power, acceleration, fuel economy, and persistent overheating. Difficulty starting, engine misfires, shaking, sagging to one side, and abnormal noises are also commonly reported. Inspecting the motor and transmission mount, engine mount, spark plug, and intake manifold gasket can help address these issues. For longevity of your Fusion, care for smaller but significant parts like the windshield wiper and cabin air filter is essential. Regular replacement enhances performance and ensures fresh air for occupants.

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