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    About Mercury

    Mercury is a division of the American automaker Ford Motor Company. It was founded in 1938 by Joel Ford. The Mercury brand has been marketed as a mid-range brand for most of its existence. And it narrowed the price gap between Ford and Lincoln models. Mercury wanted the new car brand to have better design, innovative features, and performance to achieve this goal. The first car of this division was the 1939 Mercury Eight. Search by serial number to see detailed engine diagrams and part numbers. Mopar has no specific installation lines. 13 Mopar workshops install customer-selected components on vehicles prior to delivery. They are sold individually painted and have many cosmetic and performance modifications designed by Mopar. Replacement of the engine clutch may be necessary, depending on the transmission and operating conditions. In general, spring-loaded disc clutches are used in in-line or coaxial transmissions and two-stage clutches in V-gears and gearboxes. When a new gearbox is fitted to a new engine, it is advisable to fit a new clutch. The camshaft is cylindrical and has small protruding parts. When the crankshaft rotates, levers open the valves so that air masses can enter or leave the combustion chamber. In Mercury push-pull engines, one of the camshafts pushes on the levers to open the valves. In engines with an overhead camshaft, the upper part of the camshaft is located above the cylinders and often acts directly on the valves.
    This configuration makes it much easier to use more than two valves per cylinder. This increases airflow and thus power and tuning flexibility. A single box engine offers a wide range of configuration options, from simple long blocks to complete engines. The Mercury D3 chassis is based on a prefabricated steel frame with an independent front axle with two lobes and shock absorbers and an independent rear axle with multiple lobes and shock absorbers. It uses the Mercury CD3 platform developed in collaboration with Mazda and is the first fully digital vehicle, allowing the company to reduce development time by several months, cut costs and bring cars to market faster. Engineers were able to virtually design the entire vehicle before construction began, improving fitment, tool placement, and ergonomics on the assembly line. When the tires had good grip, differentials were used between the axles to avoid the repair. Four-wheel-drive vehicles designed for heavy off-road driving do not have this differential. Make sure that good quality new drive cables are installed and adjusted correctly, as the main cause is incorrectly adjusted drive cables, which can cause serious damage to the gearbox.

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    The gearbox receives power from the transmission and transmits it to the front and rear axles or to a single axle. This can be done via a gearbox, a hydraulic system, or a chain. In some vehicles, such as four-wheel-drive trucks or off-road vehicles, this function is controlled by the driver. The driver can switch between two-wheel and four-wheel drive. Sometimes a transmission similar to a manual transmission is used, which in some cars can be operated by an electronic shift lever. Some vehicles, such as four-wheel drive sports cars, have a gearbox that cannot be changed. This type of gearbox is permanently "locked" into the four-wheel drive. Transmissions designed for normal road use synchronize the difference between the rotational movements of the front and rear wheels, like a differential acting on the axle. This is necessary because the front and rear wheels never rotate at the same speed.
    Viscous rotary joints with perforated discs filled with a viscous fluid are used in vehicle torque transmission systems. The device consists of several round plates mounted in a hermetically sealed drum. The plates are connected to the actuator on one side and to the actuator on the other. The drum is filled with an expandable liquid, often silicone-based, with a volume of approximately 80 %. When the two sets of discs rotate together, the liquid remains cold and liquid. When the discs begin to rotate at different speeds, the pressure created by the bands or holes heats the liquid. It makes it almost solid since the viscosity of the expanding liquid increases rapidly with displacement. If your car is having trouble and does not run properly, it may be time to take your car in for a repair. We only work with experienced companies, so our OEM Mercury parts feature only high quality. You can find the parts at reasonable prices. When you use our OEM Mercury parts, you can be sure you're getting top performance every mile of the way. Our extensive OEM parts inventory is maintained by experienced professionals who know your vehicle best.