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    About Lincoln

    Lincoln is a luxury car division of the American automaker Ford. The company promotes itself as one of the best luxury car brands in the United States. The company works closely with General Motors' rival Cadillac. This division helped create the luxury private car segment when it introduced the Lincoln Continental in 1940. Lincoln is the trade name that came from Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States. The company used President Abraham Lincoln's name to create the image of a luxury car manufacturer. Henry M. Leland founded the company in 1917, and Ford Motor Company bought it in 1922. In 1914, the Leland became the first car built in the United States. Leland designed the first mass-produced American V8 engines. Leland believed that V8 engine parts with a 60-degree slope would perform better than those with an 80-degree slope.
    The 1903 Ford Model A and the 1903 Cadillac Model A are nearly identical except for the engine. The Lincoln Continental is Lincoln's midsize to a full-size luxury car. Lincoln has produced ten generations of Continentals for more than 50 years. From 1961 to 1976, Lincoln sold only Continentals. The design was updated with upgraded details and a new grille to attract buyers. In 1958, the Continental was completely redesigned. The company was restructured to make its core product and division more commercially viable. The Continental car was more closely associated with Lincoln. By 1961, all models had been replaced by the new Lincoln Continental. After nine years of production, Lincoln decided to redesign the Continental in 1970. We have extensive and unique experience in this field. Our passion for automotive parts has led us to strive for better constantly. The wrong or improper Lincoln part can have disastrous consequences. And that's what we want to avoid. As long as cars are in use, their parts will wear out. According to statistics, more than three-quarters of all car parts are scrapped due to excessive wear. Therefore, wear and tear are the main factors affecting car parts' service life. We want to lend a hand when you need Lincoln parts.

    Masterpieces of Lincoln

    When Lincoln came to market in the 1980s, it was the "bad times" in the U.S. auto industry. It struggled to balance fuel economy, emissions control, and vehicle recall. The industry also had to compete with European and Japanese manufacturers. It entered segments previously dominated by Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. The original plan was to exit the market in the mid-1980s until fuel price stabilization could reconcile fuel economy concerns. Throughout the decade, the Lincoln Town Car remained virtually unchanged. It retained its traditional look and large size, and fuel prices fell to their lowest levels during this period. Efficiency was no longer as important to buyers as it had been a decade earlier. During these years, Lincoln also had the distinction of being the first U.S. vehicle with an anti-lock braking system. The Mark series evolved and deteriorated considerably after the introduction of Mark VI. In the middle of the decade, Mark VII replaced this velour pickup.