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The Mercury Topaz, produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1984 to 1994, is a compact vehicle designed as the downsized successor to the Fairmont. Sold alongside luxury cars under Ford's brand Lincoln, the Topaz shares some chassis elements with the front-wheel-drive platform of the Ford Escort, but features a wheelbase extended by 5.7 in and a distinct new body. Unveiled on the USS Intrepid's deck, a museum-set decommissioned aircraft carrier, the Topaz was initially powered by a "High Swirl Combustion" four-cylinder gasoline engine that replaced the 2.3L unit. This engine was cast in iron for both the block and head, and incorporated a single cam-in-block along with two overhead valves per cylinder. In 1987, the Topaz began offering an optional all-wheel-drive system, which remained until 1991. The Topaz was available in six trims: L, GS, GS-AWD, LS, LS-AWD, and XR5. A redesign in 1988 gave the Topaz a Sable-like appearance, with a more formal rear window, a waterfall grille, upscale wheels, and solid red tail lamps. However, after 1991, the all-wheel-drive Topaz was discontinued, and the 1992 model introduced minor upgrades, such as a non-functional light bar replacing the chrome grille. The second-generation Topaz also offered six trims: GS, GS-AWD, LS, LS-AWD, XR5, and LTS.

The Mercury Topaz, across various production years, is notorious for three primary mechanical setbacks: a problematic air conditioning system, premature failure of CV joints, and cracking of the engine heads. First, the car's A/C system frequently disappoints. Numerous owners lament about the A/C spewing hot air instead of a refreshing cool, often caused by malfunctions like a faulty compressor clutch, leaks, or even a simple blown fuse. Weak airflow is another distressing concern, arising possibly from impaired seals, mold buildup, compromised hoses, or a malfunctioning ventilation fan. A peculiar problem is the A/C starting cold but turning warm swiftly, and persistent foul smells hint at mold growth in the evaporator case or the need for a cabin air filter swap. Deteriorating rubber gaskets and seals, exacerbated by moisture over time, are the usual culprits for leaks in the A/C, causing refrigerants to leak and external moisture to damage internal components. The second significant gripe with the 1985 Mercury Topaz, especially the red on red variant, despite its commendable mileage and appearance, is the recurrent CV joint failure. This is notably challenging when detaching the outer CV joint from the shaft for boot replacements. A careful procedure is essential: securing the axle, using either a hammer or gear puller to apply force to the CV joint, and avoiding damages. Frequently, a complete axle replacement, retailing at roughly $75, is more cost-effective. The extraction of the halfshaft is a detailed affair: removing hub nuts, disposing of cotter pins, loosening the ball joint nut, and prying the control arm are all steps in the process. It's also crucial to sidestep the use of a hammer for separating the outboard CV-joint shaft from the hub. Addressing the left halfshaft involves pry bars on both sides of the inboard CV-joint, while the right mandates the removal of axle bearing retainer bolts.

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