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The Lincoln Town Car, produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1981 to 2011, was Ford's flagship model for three decades. The Town Car's name is derived from a style of horse-drawn carriage popular in the 1920s, known for its open cab and fixed roof protecting the passengers. The Town Car model shared its roots with Lincoln's former flagship, the Continental, and was a chief competitor to Cadillac from the 1950s through the 1990s. The Town Car was noted for its distinct, inverted roofline featuring a padded vinyl roof with an integrated rear window, providing a soft design and increased rear legroom without adjusting the wheelbase. The Town Car was one of Ford's rarest models, with only 214 town cars and 83 limousines produced between 1959 and 1960, all in black. In 1981, the Town Car was consolidated with other models to become a single Mark VI model, available as a two- or four-door limousine. Despite a decline in sales due to competition and outdated styling, the Town Car remained Lincoln's best-selling model for many years. Initially, the Town Car came with a V8 engine and a four-speed AOD automatic transmission. Notable technological advancements include the introduction of multiple sequential fuel injections in 1986, which increased the power output of the V8 engine to 150 hp. Through the decades, the Lincoln Town Car has maintained a reputation for luxury and classic styling, making it a key part of Lincoln's vehicle lineup.

Although the Lincoln Town Car is a luxury sedan, with extensive use it is prone to certain issues. Many drivers report reduced engine performance over time, characterized by a noticeable loss of power during acceleration and slow responsiveness. Issues like engine misfiring, difficulty in starting the engine, overheating, metallic sounds, and dropping oil pressure are common symptoms. This often signals the need for replacement of spark plugs and oil filters. Additionally, problems with the suspension system are also reported, including significant vibrations that impact handling and unusual noises like clicking, rattling, or squeaking from beneath the car. Traces of grease on the inside edge of tires are also a telltale sign of this issue, indicating a possible need to check the axle shaft and sway bar bushing. Moreover, certain components such as the windshield wiper, wheels, and fog light bulbs require regular maintenance for optimal performance and safety. A well-functioning washer reservoir is essential for effective windshield wipers, a good-performance wheel cover is important for proper wheel functioning, and a functioning fog light bulb can significantly enhance visibility in poor weather conditions.

Every OEM part is meticulously built to precisely match the original part's specs. They also adhere to strict official quality control standards during manufacture to guarantee exceptional quality. Looking for the most affordable OEM Lincoln Town Car parts? Look no further than, your online destination for genuine Lincoln Town Car parts at unbeatable prices. Our parts not only come with the manufacturer's warranty but also a hassle-free return policy and swift delivery service. Why wait? Start your shopping journey with us today!

Lincoln Town Car Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to test and replace ignition coils in different types of ignition systems on Lincoln Town Car?
    A: Mark wires and terminals with numbered tape for breaker points ignition systems. Remove primary wires and high-tension wire from the coil, then remove and clean the coil assembly. Check for cracks or damage and clean any corrosion. Use an ohmmeter to check coil primary and secondary resistance, replacing the coil if resistances don't match specifications. Reinstall the coil and reconnect wires. For breakerless systems, disconnect wires and measure resistance across coil primary terminals, replacing the coil if necessary. For EDIS systems, disconnect electrical connectors from the coil and check resistance between coil primary terminal and outer terminal. Replace the coil if resistances don't match specifications. To replace the coil, disconnect the negative cable from the battery and ignition coil electrical connectors, remove the bolts securing the ignition coil, and install the new coil.
  • Q: How to remove and install an alternator on Lincoln Town Car?
    A: Disconnect the battery's negative terminal. On models post-1998, remove the intake system cover to access the alternator. Unplug the alternator's connectors, marking each for reconnection. Loosen alternator bolts, remove drivebelt and ignition wire assembly (on 4.6L engines). Remove adjustment and pivot bolts to detach the alternator. Reinstall inversely, adjusting drivebelt tension afterwards.
  • Q: How to replace brake pads on Lincoln Town Car?
    A: To replace brake pads, first remove half the brake fluid from the reservoir. Loosen lug nuts, raise the vehicle, and remove wheels. Work on one brake assembly at a time, inspecting the brake disc. For 1970-1971 models, remove half the fluid from the master cylinder. Remove shoe hold-down clips, brake pad retaining clips, caliper pins, and upper stabilizer. Lift the caliper assembly, remove the outer pad, and depress the piston. For 1972-1979 and 1980 and later models, follow specific pad replacement steps. Reinstall the caliper and tighten bolts to the specified torque. Depress the brake pedal to bring pads into contact with the disc and check fluid level. For 1998 and later models with two-piston front calipers, follow specific advice. For rear pads, depress the piston, remove old pads, install new ones, and reinstall the caliper.