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The Lincoln Aviator, a mid-size luxury SUV, was first introduced in 2003 and was in production until 2005. As one of the four SUVs offered by Lincoln, it gained popularity for its high performance and reliable parts. Assembled at the St. Louis Assembly in Hazelwood, Missouri, the Aviator is a luxury 5-door SUV that adopts a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout with an all-wheel-drive layout also available. It is built on the body-on-frame Ford U1 platform and features a four-wheel independent suspension. Its wheelbase measures 2,888 mm (113.7 in). The Aviator offers three-row seating and a six-passenger configuration as standard, with both standard and heavy-duty towing packages available. Power comes from a 4.6L V8 engine generating 302 horsepower and 300 pounds-per-foot of torque, coupled with a 5-speed 5R55S overdrive automatic transmission. Available in two trim levels, Luxury and Premium, the Aviator offers numerous standard features, including a chrome grille and leather upholstery. Praised for its elegant design, quality parts, and comfortable drive, the Aviator was recognized by as a "Most Wanted Vehicle Honorable Mention" in its debut year. It continues to command loyalty from drivers for its powerful performance, roomy cabin, and stunning exterior design.

The Lincoln Aviator, particularly models from 2002 to 2005, is plagued with a consistent defect concerning its tailgate, a problem linked to a design flaw in the lower window panel. Over time, this flaw results in moisture accumulation behind the tailgate, which when subjected to varying weather conditions, undergoes expansion and condensation cycles that generate stress, leading to a noticeable crack. In more severe situations, this crack can escalate, causing the rear window to break entirely. This problem is believed to originate from Ford's decision to employ a polymer named ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) for their rear panels in 2002. Though praised for its resistance to heat and impacts, this material, ironically, exhibited the very cracks it was supposed to prevent. Beyond merely being aesthetic issues, these cracks pave the way for moisture accumulation that can accelerate component corrosion, increase the risk of the rear lift-gate window shattering, and in worst-case scenarios, cause the panel to detach while in motion. Specific instances of this defect were observed around 58,000 to 59,000 miles for the 2003 model, with the 2005 model showing a crack beneath the glass hinge at around 58,990 miles, and another pronounced crack near the emblem on the rear liftgate panel. The 2004 model also wasn't immune, as owners reported similar cracks, especially around the Lincoln emblem. Despite the series of Technical Service Bulletins issued by Ford and the evident manufacturing defect, the company has allegedly skirted responsibility, often declining to cover the associated repair costs under warranty and hinting at the futility of repairs. Such defects not only depreciate the Lincoln Aviator's resale value but also introduce potential safety risks to users of the liftgate, casting doubts over the vehicle's dependability.

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