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      When it comes to new Taurus OEM parts at the lowest prices, we've been the top choice for decades. Our complete online catalog covers all Ford genuine Taurus parts. All parts are backed by the manufacturer's warranty and shipped directly from Ford dealers. No matter where you are in the country, your Taurus car parts will arrive fast, cheap, and hassle-free.

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    About Ford Taurus

    Ford Taurus was a mid-size car then is a full-size car manufactured by Ford Motor Company since 1985. The first Ford Taurus was introduced in 1985 for 1986 model year. Backed up such a big company, Ford Taurus has seen big achievements. In 1986, it was named to the Car and Driver Ten Best List and received the Motor Trend magazine's Car of the Year. In 2008, it was the Top Safety Pick car awarded by IIHS. As the sixth generation Ford Taurus is aimed exclusively at Chinese market, thus it has been produced through five generations roughly.
    A redesigned Ford Taurus launched in 2000 is the fourth generation Taurus (2000-2007). It carried over two models from previous generation: the base LX and SE and added two new models: SE Special Value Group and top-end SE Comfort. Available powertrain included 3.0 L SFI Vulcan V6 gasoline / E85 and 3.0 L DOHC Duratec 30 V6 engine fitted along with 4-speed automatic transmissions. The rebranded and modified Ford Taurus marked the beginning of the fifth generation (2008-2009). There were only three trim levels available: SE, SEL and Limited. As a four-door, front-engine, front- or all-wheel drive full-size sedan, Ford Taurus got power from 3.5 L DOHC Duratec 35 Cyclone V6 engine mated to a 6-speed 6F automatic transmission.

    Ford Taurus Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

    Just like any other steel-made objects, Ford Taurus also begins to show problems after it was driven for a long while. Hoping these two common problems could help you a lot on maintaining your Taurus:
    First, suspension system went wrong. Experienced drivers said that the Taurus would start to tilt to one side and bounce while driving as well as bottom out. At the meanwhile, the tire wear would be uneven and suspension became sagging and bouncy. Once similar situations happen, you are suggested to check the coil springs and air suspension carefully.
    Second, engine failure. In general, this issue would have a bad impact on engine performance. The Taurus would experience slow acceleration, engine misfiring, poor fuel economy, rough running and difficulty starting. While drivers could find low engine oil, burnt oil odor, dirty valve cover as well as illuminated Check Engine Light. These symptoms actually are indicating the fuel injector, valve cover gasket and spark plug need replacements.
    Headlight is a small auto part compared to the whole car, but it plays an important role in the operation. Drivers always use it for looking clearly forward road conditions as well as warning other drivers and pedestrians. However, it is easy to go bad, and you should replace the headlight regularly for your driving safety.
    In order to extend your Ford Taurus's lifespan, you are strongly recommended to go for OEM parts rather than aftermarket parts. If you are worried about the high price, which is not a problem in our website, as we offer a comprehensive selection of Taurus genuine auto parts at the lowest price. At the meanwhile, all auto parts would come with manufacturer's warranty as well as trouble-free return policy.