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The Ford Fairmont was a series of small vehicles, available in four body styles: a two-door sedan, a four-door sedan, a five-door station wagon, and a two-door coupe. Short- and long-wheelbase versions were introduced in early 1973 and a prototype had a MacPherson suspension and torsion beam. The Ford Fairmont was built on a reliable chassis with rear-wheel drive and a steel body and the independent front suspension consisted of lower secondary springs, MacPherson springs, and coil springs. The front axle stability control system is standard and it has 10.0-inch ventilated front disc brakes and 9.0 x 1.8-inch rear drums. The standard wheels are 14x5.0 with DR78-14 tires, and the steering is rack-and-pinion with a 3.2-speed steering wheel. The standard engine during production was a three-speed four-cylinder and initially, the 2.3L engine was equipped with a three-speed manual transmission, with a three-speed automatic as an option. The model was released as a three-seater and the body was modified by adding some Ford Fairmont parts to the suspension. The same one-piece hatchback was also used in the fourth-generation Australian XD, XE, and XF models.

The Ford Fairmont has been identified to suffer from a continuous battery drain issue even when parked. This problem particularly seems to manifest in the initial models of the vehicle. Multiple users have reported similar experiences on web forums. Some users have hypothesized that the battery might not be making a solid connection and recommend cleaning the connections for a better fit. Another suggested troubleshooting method includes checking the brake pedal lever, as the stop light switch might be misadjusted or malfunctioning, causing unnecessary battery drain. An additional recommendation is to ensure that the remote wire or "REM" is correctly configured; if it's not turning off as it should, it might be draining the battery. Lastly, monitoring the voltage reaching the battery can provide clarity; the battery should receive approximately 14 volts when the vehicle is running. If these measures don't address the issue, it's advised to consult with a professional for a thorough examination and diagnosis.

Original equipment manufacturer parts deliver the superb performance and provide top-class durability. That's because they use Ford's official manufacturing techniques, use high-grade materials, and meet the rigorous standards of quality. If you need Ford Fairmont parts, like Roof, Back, Luggage Compartment & Tailgate, Body Front & Floor, select one from our full inventory of genuine Ford Fairmont parts. We offer all parts at great budget friendly prices. Additionally, all our OEM parts are backed by a manufacturer's warranty and delivered quickly.

Ford Fairmont Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to replace a blown fuse link in a wiring system on Ford Fairmont?
    A: Fuse links are used in circuits without standard fuses, providing overload protection. They're smaller than the circuit wire and color-coded: green (14 gauge), orange (16), yellow (17), red (18), and blue (20). These links are non-repairable and must be replaced with an identical new one. To replace, disconnect the battery ground and the damaged link from the starter relay. Cut and discard the damaged link, strip 1/2 inch insulation from the circuit wire, and crimp in a suitable new link. Solder each end of the new link, insulate with electrical tape, and reconnect everything. Test the circuit afterwards for proper operation.
  • Q: What needs to be removed in order to access the instrument panel bulbs on Ford Fairmont?
    A: The instrument cluster and trim panel need to be removed in order to access the instrument panel bulbs. Disconnect the battery negative cable. Once the instrument cluster is removed, take out the two screws holding the lower access panel to reach the cluster bulbs. To get to the instrument cluster indicator bulbs, remove the clutch trim panel.