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About Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Ford Explorer Sport Trac also known as Ford Sport Trac is a mid-size pickup truck marked mainly North America. It was manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company from 2000 to 2010. The first Ford Explorer Sport Trac was introduced in February 2000 as a 2001 model and produced based on Ford Explorer. Broadly speaking, it had been produced through two generations.
The first generation Ford Explorer Sport Trac (2001-2005) was unveiled in 2000 for the 2001 model year. It was available in several trim levels including XLS, XLT and so on. The 4.0 L Cologne 210 hp V6 engine was its only engine option, while two transmissions 5-speed M50D manual and 5-speed 5R55E automatic transmissions were available. Then in early 2006, a new Ford Explorer Sport Trac was release marked the start of the second generation (2006-2010). Its design ideas were mainly from fourth generation Ford Explorer. It had neither base model nor moderate luxury model but only in two trim levels: mid-class XLT and high-luxury Limited. Unlike previous generation, Ford Explorer Sport Trac then was also powered by an optional 4.6 L 24-valve Modular V8 engine except for the 4.0 L Cologne V6 engine with added new 6-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

The duty of a pickup truck is often about hauling, transporting heavy goods for a long distance. So is Ford Explorer Sport Trac. After it reached a certain mileage, some problems start to come for it. Here listed are the most common ones:
First, engine problem. In general, the wear of the car starts with the wear of the engine. As for Explorer Sport Trac, owners found that the engine run rougher and rougher sometimes even caused misfire. Oil leaking and low engine oil made them have to refill oil constantly. In addition, they could smell burnt oil odor and hear squealing or rattling sound coming from the timing cover. If any above signs appear on you Ford Explorer Sport Trac, please make sure the fuel pump, valve cover gasket, timing cover gasket and timing belt tensioner works well.
Second, suspension system failed. Based on Explorer Sport Trac's descriptions, which included excessive vibrations from the front of the vehicle and abnormal noises such as clunking, rattling and scraping sound from underneath the vehicle, we can basically assume that there were something wrong with the drive shaft and steering knuckle. If unintentional steering also happens, then culprits can be determined.
Door handle is helpful for opening and closing doors. But it is easy to wear if used for repeated times, so for your convenience, you need maintain it routinely. And if you want to enjoy a healthy driving experience, air filter also needs necessary maintenance.
Compared to aftermarket parts, Explorer Sport Trac OEM auto parts have more advantages in reliability and durability. Ford Explorer Sport Trac genuine auto parts offered on our website come with manufacturer's warranty at the lowest price in the market. Welcome to your visiting!
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