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The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a mid-sized pickup produced and marketed from 2001 to 2010, and the model shared its chassis and much of its body with the brand's SUV. The first generation was introduced and included a 4.0 L Cologne SOHC V6 paired with a 5-speed manual or automatic transmission. The V6 received a revision in the 2001 model year, with an alloy intake manifold to a composite design, and the location of the oil filler cap was shifted to the passenger side. The size of the wheelbase was 125.9 inches, the length was 205.9in and the width was 71.8in. The second generation extended their wheelbase to 130.5 inches, which was 4.6 inches longer than the previous edition. As for the standard engine, they retained the 4.0L V6 which was equipped on their predecessor and offered a V8 option for the first time. The five-speed manual transmission was discontinued, with the 5R55W five-speed automatic being offered as the standard equipment for the engines, and in 2009 the new 6R80 6-speed automatic was introduced as a replacement for the previous Ford Explorer Sport Trac.

As with other pickup trucks, the Ford Explorer Sport Trac is often used for hauling and transporting heavy goods over considerable distances. However, once a certain mileage is reached, common problems may emerge. Firstly, engine wear often signifies the onset of vehicle deterioration. For the Explorer Sport Trac, this can manifest as an increasingly rough-running engine that may occasionally misfire. Owners might notice oil leaks or low engine oil levels, necessitating frequent oil top-ups. The presence of a burnt oil smell or squealing and rattling sounds from the timing cover also indicate problems. Should these symptoms arise, checking the fuel pump, valve cover gasket, timing cover gasket, and timing belt tensioner is essential. Secondly, failures in the suspension system, signified by excessive front-end vibrations and abnormal undercarriage noises like clunking, rattling, or scraping, suggest potential issues with the drive shaft and steering knuckle, especially if unintentional steering occurs. Lastly, due to repeated usage, the door handle is prone to wear, thus necessitating regular maintenance, and to ensure a wholesome driving experience, the air filter requires adequate attention too.

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