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The Ford Escape is a compact crossover SUV that Ford has sold in four generations since 2000. In the United States, all Escape models come standard with driver-side power windows, 16-inch alloys, and air conditioning, and buyers can choose from several trim levels. In February 2004, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine was added to the 2005 Ford Escape and Tribute models, with updated airbag and seatbelt systems and added intelligent all-wheel drive. It comes with driver-side power windows, power windows, power locks, and air conditioning, and can also choose from several trim levels. The new base replaces the four-cylinder engine in the Zetec model and upgraded the airbag and seatbelt systems and added intelligent all-wheel drive and minor changes to the exterior, including a redesigned front floor. The shift lever was moved from the steering column to the console on all models with automatic transmission and they eliminated the rear seatback to improve rear-seat passenger safety in the event of a collision.

Just like everything else, cars like the Ford Escape also start to exhibit issues over time. Two major problems often reported by seasoned Escape drivers include engine and electrical issues, as well as transmission failure. A common engine complaint involves a noticeable loss in performance, characterized by slow acceleration, poor fuel economy, decreased power, engine misfires, shaking, sagging, abnormal noises, and constant overheating due to coolant leaks. If you encounter such problems, checking the intake manifold gasket, spark plug, motor and transmission mount, or engine mount should be your first step. Modern vehicles, including the Ford Escape, often face electrical problems due to the sheer number of electronic components present. Issues like dim or flickering gauges, squealing noise from the dashboard, are usually associated with a faulty instrument cluster or speedometer. Transmission failure is often linked to a bad transfer case seal. Lastly, don't forget to pay attention to parts like the fog light bulb, which plays a vital role under adverse weather conditions and needs to be periodically replaced due to wear and tear.

When it comes to quality, OEM parts take the top spot as the number one choice. These parts are crafted directly by Ford, following strict factory specifications, and undergo demanding quality control processes during manufacturing. Looking to acquire brand new parts? Consider exploring our extensive inventory of genuine Ford Escape parts. Our offering of OEM Escape parts not only comes with the most competitive prices but also includes a manufacturer's warranty. For added convenience, we provide a hassle-free return policy and the fastest delivery service. Shop with confidence on our platform.

Ford Escape Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: How to remove and install a Throttle Body in a Ford Escape?
    A: Manually open the throttle on 2008 and earlier models, inspecting for carbon buildup. If dirty, clean with solvent, avoiding the TP sensor and IAC motor. Disconnect the negative battery terminal, accelerator cable, air intake duct, and electrical connectors from the TP sensor and IAC valve. Remove the throttle body from the manifold, discarding the gasket. Clean the throttle body if needed. Disconnect the electrical connector from the throttle body, remove it, and discard the gasket. Install a new throttle body with a new gasket, reconnect the battery, and let the PCM relearn idle and fuel trim strategy. Start the engine to check for proper operation and air leaks.
  • Q: How to disconnect and reconnect the accelerator cable on Ford Escape?
    A: This guide applies to 2008 and earlier models. Disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal. For V6 models, remove the engine cover. Detach the accelerator cable from the air intake duct or intake manifold. Disengage the accelerator cable from the cable bracket and throttle body. Inside the car, disengage the lower end of the accelerator cable from the pedal. Pull the cable through the firewall, remove the grommet and pull the cable through the hole. Installation is the reverse of removal. Ensure the throttle valve moves smoothly. After reconnecting the battery, the PCM must relearn its idle and fuel trim strategy.
  • Q: How do I remove and install the blower motor and blower motor resistor in a Ford Escape?
    A: For 2007 and earlier models, remove the trim panel below the glove box. Disconnect the blower motor resistor's electrical connector and remove screws. Extract the resistor from the evaporator housing. For later models, remove the glove box. Disconnect the blower motor connector, remove screws and take out the motor. For 2008 onwards, remove the glove box and trim panel. Disconnect the blower motor wiring, release vent duct clips and remove the duct. Turn the blower motor counterclockwise to remove. To install, reverse these steps.