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    About Ford F-250

    Ford F-250 was a medium-duty truck manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company since 1953 until it was redesigned separately and emerged into the Ford Super Duty series in 1999. The first Ford F-250 was the combination of F-2 and F-3 introduced in 1953 model year. Before it becomes Ford F-250 Super Duty, it has been through nine generations.
    The eighth generation F-250 (1986-1991) was a redesigned version. It was available in four trim levels: Custom, XL, XLT Lariat and Nite. The F-250 got power from many kinds of engines ranging from 4.9 L 165 hp inline 6-cylinder with 275 lb of torque engine to 7.3 L 180 hp International IDI with 345 lb of torque V8 engine fitted along with 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmissions. Then in ninth generation (1992-1999), Ford F-250 not only carried over trims from previous generation but also added SVT Lightning trim. Before it was designed separately, it was powered by 4.2 L 217 hp Essex V6 engine with 262 lb of torque, 4.6 L 220 hp Triton V8 engine with 280 lb of torque and 5.4 L 235 hp Triton V8 engine with 330 lb of torque. Engines were attached to 4-speed and 6-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmissions.

    Ford F-250 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

    As time passes by, the Ford F-250 starts to show problems. Drivers start to complain the problems they have met. In order to help you diagnose the common problems, we have listed some below:
    First, death wobble and hyper shaking. Shaking and loss of control are the most used words when describing the problems on their Ford F-250 by drivers. They felt intense vibrations and tilting vehicle to one side as well as bouncing and bottoming out while driving. Sometime, they could even hear clunking, rattling, and scraping sounds from beneath the vehicle. Once similar symptoms appear, coil spring and drive shaft are the auto parts must be checked.
    Second, engine problems. Generally speaking, drivers had a roughly running engine that would stall and fail to start. What troubles most is the different performance at different speeds, which would result in poor fuel economy. If erratic displays, running on empty also happen, you should perform an inspection on fuel tank, fuel filter and fuel tank sending unit.
    Fog light bulb plays an important part in extreme weathers such as foggy, heavy rain. It could help to provide great vision to drivers. Wheel seal and wheel cover, other than work as a decorative part, they also can make sure the proper operation of wheels by stopping dirt and moisture from accumulating. They also should include your routine maintenance.
    When choosing a new auto part, you should put OEM part as your prime option as their high quality and reliability. If you worry about high price, then you can select our website. We offer all Ford F-250 OEM auto parts at the lowest price as well as with manufacturer's warranty. Please shop with reassurance.