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About Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Crown Victoria is also short for Crown Vic, as a rear-wheel drive full-size sedan, manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company from 1992 to 2011 model year. The first Ford Crown Victoria was released for sale in March 1991 as a 1992 model. As a relative young model, it had undergone two generations.
The first generation Ford Crown Victoria (1992-1997) was introduced to attract more potential customers in 1991 for 1992 model year. It was sold in two trim levels: base, Crown Victoria LX, Crown Victoria P71 (exclusively produced for law-enforcement sales) and Crown Victoria Touring Sedan. Ford Crown Victoria only got power from 4.6 L SOHC Modular V8 engine mated to 4-speed automatic transmissions. In November 1997, the second generation Ford Crown Victoria (1998-2012) was released for 1998 model year. It mainly carried over trim levels from previous generation but added LX Sport (dropped in 2007 model year, leaving Standard and LX trims). And available engine and transmission are still 4.6 L SOHC Modular V8 engine and -speed automatic transmission carried over from the first generation.

Ford Crown Victoria Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

People would not feel strange if some problems start to show on their Ford Crown Victoria. They have driven it for such a long time after all, it is quite normal the wear will happen. The two problems listed here are the most common ones from Crown Victoria owners:
First, engine problem. This is the most complained problem. Every driver knows the importance of a properly operated engine. However, Crown Victoria drivers found that the oil consumption increase dramatically as well as run roughly and idly. When accelerated, a loss of power eventually failed the engine really frustrated them. Not to mention the tiresome ticking or clanking noise kept coming from the cylinder head. Sometimes the oil light would come on. Once you notice similar signs, you had better get your rocker arm, exhaust valve, intake valve, spark plug and rod bearing inspected as soon as possible.
Second, transmission slipped and suspension system failed. If you also find the indicator does not match the gear you are in as well as it is hard to remove key from the ignition, you need to check the shift cable. And if you feel intense vibrations while driving and find uneven tire wear as well as leaking fluid, the shock absorber needs a thorough inspection.
It is certain not only above mentioned auto parts would wear, some other parts like front door striker or rear door striker is also vulnerable. Once you find your Crown Victoria's door rattles, or moves up and down when shut or it is difficult to close them. For occupant's safety, you had better replace the front door striker or rear door striker as early as possible.
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