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The Ford Pinto was sold in three body styles: a two-door hatchback sedan, a three-door hatchback, and a two-door station wagon. They had six-cylinder engines and belonged to a larger class of cars. The mechanical design of the car was conventional, with folding seats, and a single body. The longitudinal engine was located at the front and drove the wheels, the suspension was of different lengths, with coil springs at the front, and the axle was reinforced with leaf springs. The Ford Pinto was unveiled as a sedan with a trimmed body and closed tailgate. The tailgate featured chrome door handles and five chrome details, spring-loaded scissor levers made it easier to open the hatch, and the rear window was the same size as the sedan. It had an overall length of 172.7 in (4,390 mm) and a load capacity of 60.5 cubic feet and a 2.0L engine with front disc brakes was the standard. For the last major restyling, it resembled modern vehicles with some Pinto parts like rectangular headlights, vertical parking lights, and a longer, more angled grille. With the exception of 1980, the Pinto was offered two engines. For the first five years of production, the standard engines were only four-cylinder.

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Ford Pinto Parts Questions & Answers

  • Q: What is the cause of a fault in the neutral start switch on the C3 transmission on Ford Pinto?
    A: The neutral safety switch on the C3 transmission is non-adjustable and any fault will be due to a malfunctioning switch, wear on the internal actuating cam or faulty wiring. If the switch is suspect, replace it with a new one. Always use a new 0-ring seal and tighten to the specified torque.
  • Q: How to replace the filter on Ford Pinto?
    A: To replace the filter on a Motorcraft - 2700 VV carburetor, remove the air cleaner and discard the filter hose clips. Unscrew and discard the old filter. Install the new filter, ensuring the directional arrow points toward the carburetor. When turning on the engine, look for fuel leaks.
  • Q: What are the usual reasons for renewing a wheel stud on Ford Pinto?
    A: Mostly, wheel studs are replaced for either the threads have been spoiled or the stud itself has broken usually due to the overtightening of wheel nuts. In order to replace a wheel stud, you should remove the axle shaft assembly. The old stud should be driven through the flange towards the bearing with a parallel pin punch of appropriate diameter. To install a new stud, insert it into its hole from behind the flange, and using a bench vise having a socket ahead of it (the newly installed stud), press it fully home in the flange.