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The Ford Probe is a liftback coupe introduced in 1988 and ended in 1997. The first-generation model was given a 2.2 L SOHC 12-valve 4-cylinder F2 engine developed by its partner. It was available in several trim levels depending on different markets. As for the United States market, the model was available in GL, LX, and GT trim levels. The base trim level was given a 2.0L FS 16-valve 4-cylinder engine, as well as a performance instrument cluster with tachometer and full gauge compliment, and an electronic AM/FM stereo. Due to those changes, the security of the car was improved. As for the higher GT edition, a 2.5L KL-DE 24-valve V6 came as standard with 4-wheel disc brakes and 5-spoke aluminum wheels. Both versions were offered a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission, and a new Sport Edition edition was introduced, featuring the GT front fascia (without fog lamps) and unique 15-inch (380 mm) aluminum wheels. The car had a curb weight of 2,894 lb. (1,313 kg) and was 69.8 inches (1,773 mm) in width and 51.6 inches (1,311 mm) in height.

Ford Probes have experienced consistent issues related to braking, paint durability, and engine performance. Regarding the braking system, two significant problems are evident. One involves a humming noise during deceleration from speeds such as 60 mph to 40 mph, noticeable as early as 250 miles and continuing beyond the 1000-mile mark. This issue is often associated with a darkened ring on the left front wheel rotor. Potential causes for the humming include faulty bearings or debris between the brake pad and disc. The second braking issue pertains to the brake pedal hardening, which reduces its efficiency, even as the booster maintains its vacuum. This problem is intensified by the intermittent dashboard brake light activation. Troubleshooting measures encompass checking brake fluid levels, inspecting the power brake booster connected to the master cylinder, and evaluating a rubber hose with a unidirectional valve. Variabilities in the engine vacuum could indicate system obstructions or leaks. If brake fluid is detected in the vacuum hose, it warns of a potential master cylinder leak. Assessment of the vacuum booster's efficiency requires vacuum drainage, brake pedal application, and monitoring pedal changes when starting the engine. Additional diagnostic steps might be necessary if initial evaluations are inconclusive, such as brake light switch tests and detailed circuit checks, especially for diesel models with serpentine belt-driven vacuum pumps. Aesthetically, the 1991 Ford Probe model, while displaying external wear like scuffed bumpers and dented bodywork, remains predominantly rust-resistant. Yet, its interiors, with sun damage and wear signs, reflect its age. This version, featuring a 2.2-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine and a four-speed automatic transmission, is influenced by the Mazda 626 design. The 1994 model is known for stalling issues at idle after prolonged drives. These stalling problems can be attributed to an aging fuel filter, carbon deposits in the idle control valve causing vacuum leaks, or an overworked fuel pump unable to maintain pressure. If the check engine light activates accompanied by a decline in acceleration, it underscores a need for deeper investigation, including checking the vacuum line linked to the intake manifold for moisture, indicating a replacement need. The erratic behavior of the fuel pump further complicates diagnosis.

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