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The Ford Freestyle, introduced at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show as the FX Concept, was a groundbreaking crossover available from 2005 to 2009. Designed to bridge the gap between sedans and small SUVs, the Freestyle was an innovative offering in what was then a new market segment - crossovers. Available with either front- or all-wheel drive, the vehicle featured six or seven seats, and it was the first American car from Ford to have a continuously variable transmission. Interestingly, 55% of customers chose the all-wheel drive variant, surpassing Ford's 40% expectation. The Freestyle was a blend of functionality and style, featuring large rectangular headlights, a high-positioned steering wheel reminiscent of SUVs, and a spacious cabin. The optional middle seat increased passenger capacity to seven, akin to an MPV, while the underbody and wheel arches, painted in contrasting colors in non-limited versions, added to the SUV-like aesthetic. Unique to the Freestyle was its front end, with a body-colored radiator grille and bumpers. Unlike traditional station wagons, the Freestyle boasted forward-facing third-row seats, which, along with front seats, were elevated (termed as "high seats") for better visibility and ease of ingress and egress. These features, along with the standard captain's chairs and simple folding system for rear-seat access, made the Ford Freestyle a pioneer in its segment.

Ford Freestyle models from 2005 to 2007 have reported two primary concerns: surging, lurching, and losing power, as well as transmission problems. The first set of complications can stem from various causes. Slow acceleration or hesitation might indicate mechanical defects. Factors such as clogged air filters, malfunctioning mass air flow sensors (MAF), which cause power loss or inconsistent idling, can be at play. The MAF's performance can deteriorate due to heavy rain exposure or oil vapors from the crankcase, with fault codes P0100 to P0104 pointing towards MAF-related problems. Other potential culprits for hindered acceleration encompass dirty fuel filters, defective fuel pumps, malfunctioning oxygen sensors, unclean throttle bodies, worn spark plugs, clogged catalytic converters, transmission glitches, or even blown head gaskets. Specifically, some 2006 models have shown tendencies of lurching and stalling, often linked to a Throttle Body malfunction. Diagnostic processes might involve checking fault codes and live data from test drives, particularly when engines overheat. In certain 2006 models, a loss of power in components like steering and brakes, followed by surging upon restart, was traced to throttle body issues. Diagnostics include examining computer codes, evaluating battery and alternator conditions, checking battery cable connections, inspecting for air or vacuum leaks, and assessing air/fuel sensors. The second major concern relates to transmission failures, characterized by poor shifting and gear transition challenges due to gearbox stress. Factors causing these issues include incorrect transmission fluid levels, worn clutches causing slippage, and malfunctioning torque converters leading to erratic shifting. There were reports of transmission fluid leaks, especially in models susceptible to high torque, which led to overheating and transmission failures. The 2005 model faced specific complications such as fluid leaks from deteriorating driveshaft seals, solenoid damage from improper fluid levels, slipping gears due to wear or malfunctioning sensors, noises related to input shaft defects, and torque converter problems from worn bearings. The Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) in the Freestyle, while fuel-efficient, posed reliability challenges. While not every transmission issue necessitates a complete overhaul, professional servicing can resolve many concerns. However, despite extensive consumer complaints and a class-action lawsuit, the absence of recalls from Ford has caused dissatisfaction. It is recommended to be alert regarding these issues and to seek professional advice when encountering such problems.

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