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    About Ford F-350

    Ford F-350 was a medium-duty truck manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company from 1953 to 1999. The first Ford F-350 was the successor of the F-4 and introduced in 1953. However, it was redesigned separately with the introduction of the Ford Super Duty series. As a medium-duty truck, it had been produced through nine generations.
    The eighth generation Ford F-350 (1987-1991) was put into production in 1986. It was equipped with the rear antilock brakes and became the first truck to have this equipment. There were four trim levels available including Custom, XL, XLT Lariat and Nite (introduced in 1990). Ford F-350 had multiple engines varying from 4.9 L 300 inline 6-cylinder to 7.3 L International IDI V8 diesel engines, which were mated to 4-speed and 5-speed manual transmissions. In ninth generation (1992-1999), F-350 had six trim levels. Except for four trims carried over from previous generation, two new trims SVT Lightening and Eddie Bauer were added. Engine options were still versatile and added 7.3 L Power Stoke turbodiesel V8 engine. New transmissions were 3-speed and 4-speed automatic transmissions.

    Ford F-350 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

    Although from 1999, Ford F-350 becomes a super duty truck, however, there are still many people driving it. According to their complaints, we have got some common problems happened to it for you:
    First, braking system issue. I believe no driver would ignore the importance of braking system. While in Ford F-350, drivers found after it reached a certain mileage, braking started to go wrong. They ether felt a bit squishy when pressing brake pedals or heard a squealing sound when braked, then have the F-350 checked and found out the brake dust shields and brake backing plates were worn out. So similar situations once happen, you could resolve like them.
    Second, engine failure and suspension system problem. Generally speaking, engine would misfire if it runs roughly, which happened to the F-350 as well. Owners described that the oil engine level always was low due to leaking oil and sometimes they can smell burnt oil odor. And after a while of driving, the vehicle started to tilt to one side, which caused uneven tire wear. Bouncing and bottoming out could also be felt when driving. If you have similar problem with them, you could try checking if your valve cover gasket and coil springs are failing.
    Door handle in modern car is usually advanced. However, it still will wear out if pulled and pushed for a long time. For your convenience and property safety, please make sure your door handle works properly at any time.
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