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About Ford F53

Ford F53 is a motorhome manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company from 1990 to 2003. The first Ford F53 was introduced to gap the slot between minivan and heavy-duty pickup truck. It featured in both traveling efficiency and living convenience. Backed up the famous and long-standing Ford Motor Company, F53 has undergone a series of innovations such as its highly advanced chassis.
As most families could use Ford F53 for both living and traveling for a long distance, no matter how excellent it is, some problems still come for it. Here we have collected some most common problems from those families that own a F53:

Ford F53 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Ford F53 is a relatively old motorhome if you still drive it until today, so it won't be strange that some problems on it are showing. In order to extend its life expectancy, we have collected some common problems and solutions from F53 owners:
First, suspension system problem. If this system goes wrong, it not only will impact driving experience but also cause dangers. In general, the most obvious signs of this problem would be the rattling, clunking or squealing noises coming from tire areas. At the same time, you would find the F53 starts to tilt to one side, which would cause the visible uneven tire wear and bounce while driving. It also will be hard for you to handle it as the steering wheel becomes looser and looser. Finally, you can even find the Ford F53 will bottom out when driving over dips in the road. Under this condition, you normally need to have a thorough inspection on auto parts like leaf spring bushing, sway bar link, sway bar bush, sway bar bracket or coil springs.
Second, cooling system went wrong. This is a very serious problem that may shorten the F53's lifespan. Drivers normally found that they had to refill coolants constantly as the engine kept overheating and coolants kept leaking out from the coolant reservoir. Some said that they noticed steam and drips while some said they noticed streams and puddles and even smell an obvious coolant odor. At the meantime, the Low Coolant Light may also be illuminated to warn them adding more coolants. In fact, this problem would cost owners a lot. If you have sensed any similar situations, you can try checking coolant reservoir and radiator hose. Anyone goes wrong would cause above problem.
Another common problem is the whining noise kept heard while driving as well as it became harder to start even could not start the Ford F53. An obvious loss of engine performance can also be found when accelerating. And this problem usually can be contributed to a bad fuel pump.
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