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The Ford Escort, sold between 1981 and 2003, was the smallest vehicle in Ford's North American range and became the best-selling car in the US after 1982. Born out of a collaboration with Ford Europe, the first generation of the Escort, a small two-seater car with a longer wheelbase, was the company's first globally developed car. Three generations of the Escort were produced, with the second generation introduced in 1991 as a compact class car, replacing the previous hatchbacks and station wagon. Despite a lengthened wheelbase, overall dimensions saw only a marginal increase. The 1992 version saw an enlarged grille for better engine cooling, and the SS trim level received a brake upgrade. In 1994, a driver's side airbag was added, and by 1995, dual airbags became standard, necessitating a dashboard redesign. The completely redesigned third-generation Escort, introduced in 1997, offered a two-door ZX2 as standard, with options like chrome wheels and sport kits. An optional S/R package enhanced the suspension rigidity. The Escort was phased out after 2002, replaced by the Ford Focus, a 'world car' developed collaboratively by North American and European design teams. Despite visual similarities, the Escort and other Ford models do not have interchangeable parts, reflecting different design ideologies between the American and European teams.

Just like all vehicles, the Ford Escort has a specific lifespan, which can be extended by timely identification and resolution of issues. The most common problems reported by Escort owners include engine troubles and steering issues. Engine problems often manifest as rattling noises while idling, excessive vibrations and movement, delayed ignition timing, visible metal shavings or plastic shards in the engine oil, sagging of the engine to one side, and engine misfires. If your Escort exhibits such symptoms, check the engine mount, motor and transmission mount, timing belt, and timing chain, as these parts might be faulty. Steering issues generally involve difficulty in steering, power steering fluid leaks, and low fluid levels, most likely caused by a damaged power steering hose. Moreover, for a longer vehicle lifespan, regular maintenance of all parts is essential. For example, depending on your driving conditions, the windshield wiper or wiper blade should be replaced every six months to a year. Wheel seals or wheel covers should be replaced whenever the tires are changed. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring a safe driving experience.

OEM parts, sourced straight from Ford, are distinguished by their superior quality, durability, and precise fit. They are subjected to rigorous quality checks, assuring its safety, resilience, and performance that aligns with your original parts. Our website has a huge selection of Ford Escort parts, including Air Conditioner, Radios & Shock Absorbers, Body Sides & Quarter at the best prices in the industry. If you need any genuine Ford Escort parts, such as Body Front & Floor, Roof, Back, Luggage Compartment & Tailgate, we ship them to your door step as we offer a fast delivery service. In addition, all OEM parts, like Manual Transmission are backed by the manufacturer's warranty.