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    About Ford Escort

    Ford Escort is a series of vehicles manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company. Since more people have an interest in North American Ford Escort, so this article would focus on the compact car manufactured for the North American market from 1980 to 2003. The first Ford Escort went on sale on October 3, 1980 in America for the 1981 model year. It had been produced through three generations.
    The second generation Ford Escort (1991-1996) was available in several trim levels such as Pony (Standard), LX, LX-E and GT. In this generation, Standard or Pony and LX were powered by 1.9 L 88 hp CVH inline 4-cylinder engine and LX-E along with GT was powered by 1.8 L 127 hp Mazda BP inline 4-cylinder engine. Both engines were attached to 5-speed manual transmissions. Then in 1997, a restyled Ford Escort marked the beginning of the third generation (1997-2002). It had offered LX, SE, Sport, ZX2, ZX2 S/R trim levels. And the main engine was the 2.0 L SPI2000 SOHC inline 4-cylinder engine, which were fitted along with 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions.

    Ford Escort Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

    Ford Escort, just like any other cars, has a certain service time. Find out problems on it in time and get problems resolved as early as possible are effective ways to extend its life expectancy. Here are the most common problems on Ford Escort collected from Escort owners:
    First, engine problem. As the heart of a car, engine always weighs a lot. However, Escort owners complained that the engine would make rattling noises while idling as well as excessive vibrations and movement. At the meanwhile, ignition timing got retarded and metal shavings or shard of plastic were visible in engine oil sometimes engine would sag to one side as well. Engine misfiring can happen. Once your Ford Escort is experiencing the similar symptoms, you can check your engine mount, motor and transmission mount, timing belt and timing chain thoroughly as these break-down auto parts can caused those symptoms.
    Second, steering went wrong. Normally, this problem shows as difficulty steering. Ford Escort drivers also could find leaking power steering fluid and low fluid levels. This problem is most likely to be caused by a broken power steering hose.
    In addition, in order to let your Ford Escort enjoy a longer lifespan, every part needs good care. For instance, windshield wiper or wiper blade should be replaced every a year or half a year depending on different driving conditions. Wheel seal or wheel cover should be replaced every time if the tire gets replaced. For your safe driving experience, you should bear routine maintenance in your mind.
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