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The Ford EcoSport is a compact crossover SUV. The first generation comes with front-wheel drive and manual transmission as standard. The 2.0L model is also available with a four-speed transmission or all-wheel drive. In the latter case, an electronically controlled system automatically engages the rear axle when a fault is detected in the front wheels. At the end of 2007, the front end of the mid-size car was redesigned to exactly resemble the pick-ups of the time. It is available in six versions with two different engines which have a five-speed transmission. The 1.0L EcoBoost was withdrawn from the market after the car was brought up to BS6 emission standards. The instrument cluster features an optional 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system and is equipped with an EcoBoost three-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine for front-wheel-drive models and a petrol engine for all-wheel-drive models. Both engines are equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission and come with optional rear-wheel drive on the base model.

The Ford EcoSport, initially conceptualized by Ford Brazil in 2003 and subsequently launched in North America in 2018, is a compact SUV that, while having its share of accolades, also comes with a set of common problems. One primary concern faced by many owners is the issue with doors not locking during wet conditions. This problem stems from the key fob, which, despite being designed with water-resistant features thanks to its rubber seals, can suffer damage if submerged, especially in salt water, which increases conductivity. Immediate action should be taken if the fob contacts water: remove the battery and dry the components. If the fob interacts with salt or muddy water, a thorough cleaning with isopropyl alcohol or an electronic cleaner becomes essential to prevent the necessity of a total replacement. Furthermore, there have been comparisons to the Ford Focus, where malfunctioning power windows compromise security. This malfunction is typically traced to the driver's master switch, a delicate component that controls all vehicle windows. Symptoms can vary from non-operation of certain windows to inconsistent functioning. Immediate professional intervention is recommended in such cases. Another prevalent issue pertains to the engine oil pressure warning light on the dashboard. Distinguished from the oil change reminder, this light indicates concerns with the oil system. Its illumination might signal low oil levels caused by various factors, including an improperly tightened oil filter or compromised oil filler cap. If unchecked, this could risk sufficient lubrication of engine components, potentially leading to severe engine damage. Should the light persist despite adequate oil levels, underlying issues like faulty sensors or oil pump problems might be present, warranting immediate professional inspection. Lastly, owners, especially of the 2015 1.5tdci model, have flagged corrosion-related problems. Issues range from rusting on the rear coil springs, attributable possibly to their Indian make, to corrosion on the diesel tank fuel filler pipe and the outer skin of the rear exhaust silencer, the latter not being available in the aftermarket, forcing owners to approach Ford directly. To address these problems, solutions such as acquiring a stainless steel fuel filler neck pipe, adjusting the hand brake, and removing the rusted outer skin from the exhaust silencer have been suggested. Prolonged inactivity of the EcoSport can further exacerbate these issues; thus, maintenance tips include periodic battery checks, tire inspections, and regular car start-ups. To counter exhaust pipe corrosion, an external cloth soaked in motor oil can be beneficial. Additionally, waxing and protective covering can safeguard against external elements.

In terms of quality, OEM parts emerge as the premier choice. These components are directly manufactured by Ford, adhering to stringent factory guidelines, and are subjected to rigorous quality control procedures during production. With, you have access to an extensive inventory of genuine Ford EcoSport parts, all priced competitively. Feel secure in your purchase, as all our OEM Ford EcoSport parts are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Plus, we offer a hassle-free return policy and speedy delivery service.