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The Ford E-150 is a half-ton version of the Econoline, with production beginning in 1957. Three models have been developed: a truck, a passenger car, and a front-wheel-drive van. The first-generation model was based on a series of small cars. The engine was positioned centrally behind the front axle on the car, which had a 90-inch wheelbase. The second generation of the model was a heavier vehicle and shared E-150 parts with the pick-ups, the single-cylinder design of the previous generation was retained, and the mid-engined FWD configuration was replaced by a front-engined, front-axle configuration. For the 1992 model year, the company introduced the fourth-generation Ford E-150. While the chassis of the third generation was largely retained, the body and interior were completely redesigned. It featured the twin I-beam rear suspension used on its North American rear-wheel-drive trucks from the 1960s to the early 1990s. It also has a rear axle and rear leaf springs and was the penultimate Ford truck to use it.

The Ford E-150, despite its long production history, is not immune to natural wear and tear, with the braking system and engine failure being two prominent issues. Experienced E-150 drivers often note that initial signs of brake system issues include pedal vibrations, noisy brakes, and score marks on the rotor, often accompanied by the illumination of the Check Engine or ABS lights, and malfunctioning traction control systems. A thorough inspection of the brake controller and brake disc is recommended if such symptoms are present. Engine failure, another common issue, hampers the vehicle's performance, with symptoms including reduced engine output, difficulty starting the car, unusual sounds, and the Check Engine light turning on. Typically, a faulty fuel pump and oil filter are to blame. Moreover, while drivers understand the importance of mirrors, the mirror switch - which adjusts the mirror angle for comprehensive road condition reflection - often gets overlooked. After repeated use, the mirror switch may malfunction, necessitating replacement to ensure safe driving.

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