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About Ford E-150

Ford E-150 is a full-size van manufactured and marketed Ford Motor Company since 1961. The first Ford E-150 was introduced to replace the Ford F-Series vans for 1961 model year. It has been through four generations. And since 1980, it has been the best-selling American full-sized van. The E-150 is backed by the long-lasting and famous Ford E-Series (also known as the Ford Econoline and Ford Club Wagon throughout various stages of its production).
The third generation Ford E-150 (1975-1991) is a completely redesigned version. As a cargo and passenger van, it offered three trim levels: base, Custom, Chateau and Club Wagon. In addition to 3.9 L and 4.9 L inline 6-cylinder engines, available engines still included 4.9 L, 5.8 L, 7.5 L, 6.9 L and 7.3 L V8 engines. All engines were fitted along with 3-speed and 4-speed manual and automatic transmissions. In 1992 model year, the fleet-oriented Ford E-150 returned in cargo and passenger configuration started the fourth generation (1992-present). Now, more advanced engines such as 5.4 L SOHC 2V V8 engine and 6.8 L SOHC 2V V10 engines are available, which are attached to 4-speed and 5-speed automatic transmissions.

Ford E-150 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

Though Ford E-150 has a long history of production, it still could not beat the natural wear and tear. We have concluded two common problems happened on it for helping Ford E-150 drivers to maintain it in a right way:
First, braking system problem. Based on drivers who have a long-year driving experience of the E-150, braking system is important but fragile. In general, at first, they could only feel vibrations on the pedals when press them as well as noisy brakes or score marks on the rotor. Then the Check Engine Lights or ABS lights came on and the traction control systems malfunctioned. In fact, brake controller and brake disc should get a thorough inspection if you also notice above symptoms.
Second, engine failure. This problem will impair engine performance. According to owners' descriptions, not only the engine performance reduced a lot but also an inability to start the car would happen. At the same time, whining or metallic sounds could be heard as well as the Check Engine Light would come on. Generally speaking, bad fuel pump and oil filter are the culprits of this problem.
You may know the function of mirror, which is for reflect road conditions for drivers. But you may overlook the mirror switch, which can adjust the angle of mirror as mirror should reflect road conditions in every direction to ensure a safe driving. After used for repeated times, mirror switch would not work as usual, before it is too late, you are advised to replace for a new one.
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