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About Ford E250

Ford E250 is a full-size van manufactured and marketed by Ford Motor Company since 1960s. The first Ford E250 was introduced to replace the Ford F-Series' panel van and a member of the third longest-produced nameplate Ford E-Series by this company around the world. As it is still in production today, so it has gone through four generations. E250 has always been the best-selling American full-size van since 1980.
The third generation Ford E250 (Econoline 250; 1975-1991) was the first American full-size van that adapted body-on-frame construction. It also featured a cutaway van chassis used in ambulances and various types of trucks and buses. Available trim levels included XL, XLT and so on. Powers mainly came from inline 6-cylinder engines and V8 engines mated to 3-speed and 4-speed manual and automatic transmissions. Then the fourth generation Ford E250 (1992-present) underwent a major design and returned in both cargo and passenger configurations from only fleet orders. Its engine options add a 6.8 L SOHC Triton V10 except for inline 6-cylinder and V8 engines carried over from previous generation. In addition, transmissions become new 4-speed and 5-speed automatic transmissions.

Ford E250 Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As the accumulation of mileage, it is inevitable that Ford E250 would start to have some problems. For your E250's good, you had better know some common problems on it and how to resolve:
First, electrical problems. Modern Ford E250 is equipped with lots of electrical components, so it is not rare that some electrical auto parts would go wrong. Usually, driver could find dim or flickering gauge and inaccurate or erratic readings from the voltage regulator. Sometimes, a squealing noise would also come from the behind of the dashboard or Check Engine Light came on. If these happen to your E250, you can check if the instrument cluster or speedometer is failing. And window switch and A/C switch are also easy to go bad, remember check them too when you check your electrical system.
Second, engine performance suffered. Engine either overheats or runs roughly and caused misfiring and decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel economy. What's more, gas mileage became worse and coolant leaked. If these are what your Ford E250 is experiencing, you should check the oil cooler, intake manifold and oxygen sensor. But if you also feel vibration and hear clunking noises from underneath the vehicle, drive shaft also needs inspection.
If you want your windshield wiper or wiper blade work properly to provide you clear vision, then the working conditions of wiper arm should not be overlooked. Please remember to also add wiper arm in your maintenance when maintaining windshield wiper.
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