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The Ford C-Max is a versatile hatchback. It contained five seats and a large boot and could be expanded by folding down the rear seats, while some models were equipped with diagonally sliding outer rear seats. Like the third generation, the second generation is based on the new Global C platform. The first five- and seven-seater models were launched, and increased the maximum speed of the electric motor, allowing electricity to be used more often. The active bonnet is optimized to reduce air resistance in different driving and temperature conditions. The Energi and Hybrid can only seat five passengers like the standard model, and the upgraded model features third-row folding seats, a power tailgate, a panoramic roof, and dual-zone automatic climate control and a navigation system are standard or optional on all trim levels. Ford wanted to reduce fuel consumption, so the speed of the electric fan is reduced according to the coolant temperature to reduce the energy consumption of the fan. Engine warm-up time has been reduced by 50 percent, allowing the engine to run in pure electric mode and shut down more quickly after a cold start. The company improved the fuel economy of all three hybrids for the 2013 model year through changes to the control system software.

The Ford C-Max, reputed for its durability, has been increasingly reported to suffer from two main setbacks: engine seizures and power loss while climbing hills. Many owners highlight an unsettling clicking noise upon ignition, indicative of a no-crank start issue. While the battery is often the culprit, this problem can arise from terminal corrosion, faulty electrical connections to the starter, impaired ground connections, or a defective starter motor. Although other car features might operate normally, the battery shouldn't be overlooked. Warning signs include unstable dashboard lights or rapid ignition clicks. Employing a multimeter to assess the battery's health is recommended, with 12.6 volts indicating full charge. However, even a minor decrease to 12.4 volts might hinder the engine crank. A voltage drop test can gauge if the battery is charged sufficiently for ignition, and if suspected dead, a jump-start following a specific cable sequence can revitalize it. A more alarming situation is the C-Max's propensity to suddenly halt while driving. Multiple factors contribute to this, such as the auto start-stop function, drained fuel tanks, faulty fuel pumps, clogged fuel filters, and electrical hitches involving battery cables. Moreover, a dysfunctional alternator, sensor malfunctions, timing chain disruptions, and in extreme cases, an engine seizing due to oil depletion can be culprits. An illuminated engine light can guide to an OBD2 scanner, offering a diagnosis. In one detailed account, a C-Max nearing engine failure was attributed to blocked oil pathways. Despite evident warning signs, the issue went unresolved even after multiple dealership inspections, which included fixing a stuck turbo valve and a turbo solenoid replacement. Additional hitches, such as inconsistent gear shifts, further compounded the problem. Post a costly diagnostic, the dealership's solution gravitated towards a turbo or engine replacement. Despite adherence to Ford's servicing standards, the engine issues persisted. Complementing the engine seizure problem is the C-Max's power loss when ascending hills. A noticeable lag in acceleration poses both frustration and danger to drivers. This delay often stems from a blocked air filter that restricts airflow, impacting engine efficacy and fuel consumption. Another significant factor is the MAF sensor, located between the air filter box and throttle valve. A faulty MAF can disrupt fuel injection, causing the engine to either run "lean" or "rich". Diagnostics can pinpoint such issues, with codes P0100 to P0104 indicating a malfunctioning MAF sensor. The 2004 1.6tdci model exemplifies this power deficit. Despite efficient performance on flat roads, power issues persist even post routine maintenance. A short-term solution involved disconnecting the MAF sensor plug, which subsequently introduced new challenges. Further investigations unveiled problems with the air mass sensor, camshaft position sensor, and a split in the turbo intercooler boost pipe. Although replacing these seemed to resolve power loss, a new issue, a creaking noise, emerged. Another recurring challenge is the C-Max's shift into limp mode post deceleration from high speeds. The issue intensifies on longer drives, notably uphill, with the engine struggling to maintain speeds above 50mph. While a dirty throttle body or air filter was speculated to be the issue, these components had already been examined or replaced, indicating a deeper-rooted problem that appears to subside once the engine cools.

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