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The Ford Aerostar, produced from 1986 to 1997, was a groundbreaking range of vans marking the company's foray into the minivan segment, designed to compete with other rivals in North America. Distinguished by its all-wheel-drive system, a pioneering feature in the automotive industry, it provided increased traction in adverse weather conditions. With multiple configurations, the Aerostar series included both passenger and cargo vans, with extended-length bodies. It boasted a unique combination of unibody chassis construction and full-length frame rails, which lightened the vehicle and provided a 5,000-pound tow rating. Notably, it was the only minivan in its time to employ coil springs on all four wheels, paired with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes. Powering the Aerostar was a selection of engines, including a standard 100 hp 2.3 L inline-4, a 115 hp 2.8 L V6, and a powerful 3 L variant replacing the earlier version. In 1990, the range introduced a 160 hp 4 L option. Complementing the engines was the choice of manual or automatic transmissions, culminating in a 5-speed automatic variant in 1997. The vehicle's long wheelbase design and use of lightweight materials improved its fuel efficiency and aerodynamics. Capable of reaching 60 mph in 10.6 seconds and with a top speed of 194 km/h, it offered solid performance for its class. Despite its impressive features, the Ford Aerostar remained fuel-efficient, consuming 13/100km in the city and 17/100km on the highway.

The Ford Aerostar has been observed to have two notable problems: a stubborn rear brake drum and a transmission that refuses to engage. The drum, especially on the passenger side, might exhibit slight movement but remains largely stuck. Solutions include gently tapping its back with a hammer or employing a specialized puller. The underlying issue could stem from a partially engaged parking brake, resulting from corrosion in the armored cable, especially evident within the axle's initial two feet. In such scenarios, a liberal application of penetrating oil like PB over a couple of days is beneficial. Alternatively, a dysfunctional adjuster, either frozen or broken, can be the culprit. To address this, an overnight soak with PB through the adjuster hole is recommended. There are instances when fragments from the shoe friction or its spring mechanism jam between the brake and drum, necessitating the use of a puller or even the breaking of the drum. An adjusting hole is present at the drum's rear, typically covered with a rubber plug. While special tools are available, a simple flat screwdriver often suffices. It's paramount to ensure the vehicle's secure placement on jack stands throughout these interventions. On the transmission front, the 1994 Ford Aerostar can resist shifting into gear, even with a movable gearshift. Coupled with this, a notably high engine idle is observed. This model, even after covering about 246,000 miles and presumably retaining its original transmission, could face clutch wear and tear or failure, prompting some to explore replacement options from other Ford models.

In terms of quality, OEM parts are unmatched. They undergo comprehensive quality control checks and are manufactured following Ford's official factory standards. All these steps ensure the elimination of flaws and irregularities. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing they offer an extraordinary lifespan and a perfect fit. Our extensive inventory offers genuine Ford Aerostar parts, including Door glass and fittings, Manual Transmission at the most competitive prices online. These OEM Ford Aerostar parts, such as Body, Frame, Exhaust System & Springs are backed by a manufacturer's warranty. To top it off, our stress-free return policy and expedited delivery services guarantee an excellent shopping experience.