Genuine Ford Focus Telematics System

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2 Genuine Ford Focus Telematics Systems found

  • Ford Focus Telematics System - M-10300-FP
    Ford Focus Telematics System
    Part Number: M-10300-FP
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    Fits the following Ford Models

    • 2019 Ford Focus
    • For Use AGM Battery
    • The Ford Performance 5.0 Charger/Maintainer safely charges and maintains your battery assuring high reliability and longer life.The 5.0 charger/maintainer provides a fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, eight step charge approach that takes your battery through a reconditioning process and safely maintains it through extended storage periods.Today's high performance, high technology vehicles demand a high performance charger/maintainer.The Ford Performance 5.0 is one of the fastest, most efficient consumer chargers available.
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  • Ford Focus Telematics System - VJK4Z-70G476-A
    Ford Focus Telematics - Powered by Telogis
    Part Number: VJK4Z-70G476-A
    Other Name: Tracker - Vehicle

    Powered by Telogis

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    Fits the following Ford Models

    • 2017-2018 Ford Focus All-Wheel Drive (RS)
    • 2017-2018 Ford Focus Front-Wheel Drive
    • Ford Telematics remains a suite of cloud-based applications designed to give Ford customers visibility into the workday of every driver in the fleet.
    • Mobile connectivity.
    • Connects workers in the field.
    • Data reporting.
    • Workflow and information.
    • In-cab alerts.
    • Driver scorecards.
    • Fuel management.
    • Ready-to-use dashboards monitor driver behavior and operations.
    • Customizable reports.
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